Joining Sei Tou Ken Yu Kai

By joining the Nelson Kendo Club, you will become an affiliated member of the New Zealand Kendo Federation. This allows you to attend national seminars and means that any grade that you achieve either in an internal Nelson Kendo grading or in a national grading will be internationally recognised.

The Nelson Kendo Club is entirely a non-profit organistation. All instructors and seniors at the club donate their time and teach voluntarily. Membership fees are however required to keep the club running.

Visitors from Overseas

We frequently have visitors from around the world come to do Kendo with us while they are in Nelson. It is great to have people from other dojo training with us and we welcome everyone to drop by, even if only for one training.

Membership fees

The club fee structure is as follows:

Payment of membership fees

The easiest way for you to pay your membership fees is by internet banking. It is even better if you set up an automatic payment so that your fees are paid on time every three months.

Alternatively cash or cheque payments can be arranged.

Where membership fees go

The Sei Tou Ken Yu Kai Nelson Kendo Club is entirely a non-profit club. All seniors and instructors teach voluntarily. Your membership fees will go towards the following:

We also do some fundraising to help with the club's expenses. Please remember to pay your membership fees on time; the club relies on your payment to cover its expenses.